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A new ecological trail «The Road of Life» appeared along the southern bank of the river Mukhavets in Brest

All Brest citizens are used to the Mukhavets River flowing through their city but not everyone can answer the question of where the river falls. Mukhavets falls into the Western Bug which flows further through Poland where it falls into the Vistula. In turn, the Vistula falls into the Baltic Sea near Gdansk. Therefore, it is quite possible to say that “the Baltic starts here”, i.e. in Belarus, and «The Road of Life» trail indicates to all visitors that the environmental problems of Belarus and the Baltic Sea are linked: what falls into rivers in our country also ends up in the Baltic Sea. So, the ecological purity of the sea itself also depends on whether the region around the Baltic Sea is ecologically clean.

About 30 information stands have been installed along 5 km of the ecological trail. They help visitors to penetrate at a fairly deep level into various environmental problems: climate change, pollution of water resources and the disappearance of biological diversity. In addition, walking along the trail you can get to know and study the diversity of flora and fauna of the territory, learn simple environmental tips for every day.It is not the first time that the direction «Man and Creation» of the Center for Environmental Solutions has taken part in the creation of ecological trails but the peculiarity of this trail is that it appeared almost in the center of the city and not only the Center for Environmental Solutions, but first aff all “For Сycling Brest” activists,the sports and tourism sector of the Brest City Executive Committee and the environmental department of the Brest Diocese of the Belarusian Orthodox Church were interested in the organization of the trail.

The trail is open to free visits and will be useful both for vacationers and for school teachers as it provides an opportunity to conduct excursions and other out-of-doors educational activities for pupils.

You can organize an excursion along the trail yourself or contact a guide in Brest. For more information on the trail and how to guide the excursion see the information booklet on «The Road of Life» trail.

Download the booklet

The creation of the cycling and ecological trail was supported by the project «Urban Cycling in Belarus» funded by the European Union and implemented by the Center for Environmental Solutions and the Minsk Cycling Community. The creation of information stands was carried out with the support of the Coalition Clean Baltic at the expense of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

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